5food1 is a food blog designed to attract first and second generation children living in the diaspora. As the Creator and Editor in Chief, I am in charge of all submissions. 

The site is split into three main section: Features, Reviews and The Table. While the first two are self explanatory, the latter is where the creative writing is showcased. The type of writing can be anything from poetry, essays, think pieces or indeed a well written rant. This is the soul of the site. 

The aim for 5food1 is to create a loyal following by reaching out to the hearts and minds of the type of reader that the site hopes to attract. Through this loyalty I aim to make this the go-to site for people of colour looking for representation in the food industry. Whether it's through entrusting our opinion in the Review section, enlightened through the Features or identifying themselves with a voice on The Table, I want the readers to give the site the clout it deserves. 

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